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Attune to the energy of your deepest, truest desires and translate this energy into words that you write into reality.

Emma Bennett gently heals and empowers through writing, speaking, and coaching. In Emma’s celebrated and praised book, Written into Reality: The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life, she reveals how you can connect to the feelings of your truest, deepest desires, and translate them into written words as statements of intention to literally write them into reality. As a free gift, please enjoy a 20-page workbook generously designed with insights and exercises gathered from the book that will help you clear the way through the noise and interference with mindfulness techniques so you can create clarity around your intentions.

“Love, love, love! I’ve never felt like a book has picked me until I picked up this book. Right from the start it felt like an old friend looking into my soul and telling me exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been highlighting ideas and concepts that I want to explore even more deeply— making this book feel more like a launch pad into new ideas and concepts to truly know myself better. Thank you so much for writing exactly what I needed.”
— Jocelyn Fitzgerald

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