Written Into Reality Excerpt

Written Into Reality Excerpt

Before we begin… Thanks for being here. Thanks for being you. Thanks for being a source of illumination in this world.

You know how Whitney Houston sang, “Bring me higher love”?

YOU are the higher love.

Now, without further ado…

“An accessible, gentle, and grounded guide. Delving into countless nuanced details of existence, this is an anecdotal journey of universal wisdom. There are many books about self-actualization and unlocking one’s full potential, but this patient gathering of thoughts stands apart in its allusion-heavy prose, linguistic diligence, and artistically-minded approach to personal growth. Peppered with inspiring quotes and unexpected rabbit holes for future exploration, Bennett proves herself to have a thoughtful, philosophical, and passionate pen.”
—Self-Publishing Review

Excerpt: Written Into Reality

The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life

By Emma Bennett

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Read an excerpt from Emma Bennett’s incredible debut.

Chapter 20: Leverage

“Our mania for rational explanations obviously has its roots in our fear of metaphysics, for the two were always hostile brothers. Hence, anything unexpected that approaches us from the dark realm is regarded either as coming from outside and, therefore, as real, or else as a hallucination and, therefore, not true. The idea that anything could be real or true which does not come from outside has hardly begun to dawn on contemporary man.”

— Carl Jung

Leverage what is within your control, don’t lose precious energy hyper-focusing on what seems to be out of reach, what seems to be out of your control. Look into the forces of nature within yourself. You’ll see life, power, creation. Keep willing yourself to turn from the instability of the mind to the feeling, the vibration, of what is life-giving. The nature within you is the same out there in the Universe. Look into life, you will see creation and destruction. Look into creation and destruction, you will see everything you need to see and understand—the answer, the meaning to everything, the power, the grace, the glory, and the sheer magnificence of Creation is the Universe’s only true constant. Draw nearer to the light and the truth even if you feel that life is rosy and well. Most people do not think to seek the light until they are in the dark. Let go of your need for control and you have it. The paradoxes of this life are the answer to a power greater than we could ever try to ascertain for ourselves. These forces that humble us empower us when the due recognition is received. The right questions will unlock levels. On the streets, a psychological trick to walk through crowds is to look toward the direction you intend to go and look into the eyes of the people you encounter along your way. With your life, you walk toward the way you intend to go and look straight at every truth that comes your way. You make destiny decisions on the spot. Clear your blocks, heal yourself, set your intentions, be grateful, meditate, cultivate, and whatever you do, let the energy flow.

As a collective, we can co-create and manifest vibrationally. If we want more goodness in the world, we need to embody goodness. If we want more love in the world, we need to embody love. To have peace and prosperity, which we inherently desire, we must unleash the energy of our desires and clear the way for them. We must do the work of transcending our fears and basic nature. If we are tired of domineering forces, we need to turn the tables with the power of our influence and example, no matter how small or insignificant the difference we think we make with our everyday choices in life. The quotidian is more powerful than we can assume. With everything that we do, we are using and directing our energy.

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As we have touched on before, everything is vibrational, everything is energy. A rock, a cup of coffee, a plant, a human body. It is archaic to dismiss the spiritual, metaphysical aspects of ourselves and our reality in favor of prevalent beliefs you feel you’ve been given proof of. It is not enough to do things the way they’ve always been done and to repeat or rehash trendy things. We have had knowledge of energy and metaphysics for thousands of years and have had access to universal intelligence from within ourselves. It is not so spooky, folks. It can be at first when you have suppressed your intuition for a very long time. When you have over-relied on material rationalism and the primary five senses you have been taught to define your sensory perception and experience of life for a long while, coming back to your multi-senses will bring you back to clear understanding and being more fully in your true potential and personal power.

We can acclimatize ourselves to nearly any kind of environment, stimulus, or situation to a certain extent until it becomes intolerable. As a human species, we tend to do this. It is how we survived as nomads, hunter-gatherers, and all iterations of mankind to date. As much as we can acclimatize ourselves to every new level of suffering and hell we could ever land in, at rock bottom between a rock and a hard place, we can also acclimatize ourselves to being uplifted and prospered. We can acclimatize ourselves to being isolated in low vibrational, unhealthy environments. We can go to hell and pitch a tent there to stay awhile. This is not ideal, but it is a tendency that we have and if we fall into it, we must understand that every tendency can be transcended. There is no hole that we could ever drop into that we cannot find our way out of. The key is to learn how to redirect your energy in order to leverage.

What most people do is fixate on variables that are entirely outside of their locus of control. And they funnel their energy into what will not and cannot possibly give anything back to them. This leads to a spiral descent into lower levels of consciousness. The disempowerment begets more disempowering circumstances.

Few people focus their attention and energy on what it is they can do something about. What you focus on, you give your attention and energy to. Focus on the ways that you can empower yourself no matter how trivial they may seem. Do the simple thing that takes all your willpower to do. It is a worthwhile investment of your attention and energy. If you could just spare a few seconds, minutes, or maybe even an hour in a day to pull out a journal to write what you’re grateful for, the good that is present in your life, every time something that once was a wish became your reality, and your current intentions, you could start focusing your attention and energy on grace. If you feel the compulsion to force a situation, the opposite is the solution—grace. The ego will have you thinking that a time of stress and anxiety will be when you need its cleverness and forcefulness more than ever and will be eager to offer to be of service. In truth, you need head and heart working together.

There are many ways to get people riled up and up in arms, like blaming the ego for everything. People come up with popular sayings, slogans, and motivational quips like, “the ego is not your amigo!,” “Ego is the enemy!” Or “kill the ego!” All of these sentiments make it even stronger. When we try to deny, thwart, or fan the flames of ego, it gets even more noisy and active. It takes over our life like invasive, strangling vines. When we contemplate the wholeness and fullness of self, the “Who am I?” question, and the “I am that I am” answer, it gets quieter and recedes into the background.

Focusing on the outcome that is materialized and getting stuck there instead of continuing to focus on creating and expanding can limit your potential and possibility. It is okay to have nice things, to take a compliment gracefully, to be proud of yourself in a healthy way, and to be successful. What is not okay is to be fixated on or overwhelmed by any of those things. Anything that keeps energy from flowing freely is unsustainable and creates a negative balance of energy, or karma. This is a form of miscreation and misuse of power. We all have creative abilities — the abilities to use potential by focusing our intents, or aligning our energy to use a spiritual vernacular, to form possibility into reality. All we are ever really doing is manifesting the energy of our life force.

It is the nature of the Universe and all things within it to continue in creation and expansion. It is also your nature. Things grow without needing to be told to or watched all the time. Co-creation is working with nature to grow a garden and allowing nature to do its thing. Manifestation is the result. Your life, the space where everything grows, is all about potential and possibility. Your purpose and passion are to thrive, flourish, and be in harmony with the infinite organizing Creative Genius of this entire universe. This is living by Dharma. When you decide that you want the Universe to be on your side and you are on the side of the Universe, everything in life has a way of clicking right into place because you are in proper alignment.

It can be easy when you feel like life is riddled with problems to take up a hammer and nails and go at it like crazy. Just about everybody does this. You have no idea how many times I hear that people have this problem and that problem, that they were laid off from their job, that they have money problems, and that they feel dissatisfied with their lives. The problem is not that there is a lack of opportunity or abundance. It is predominantly the case that conditioned ways of being, thinking, and behaving tends to get in the way. We would have much more of an awakened and aware populace if more people examined the motives that drove their entire lives up until the point where they currently are and assessed what their intentions are in that moment.

There is a way that things spontaneously start to go right when you are seated in your personal power. When you know the truth of who you are, what you are here for, and you have done your work to heal what needs to be healed, the magic of who you are is unleashed. We live happily and wholeheartedly, fully supported by the sacred genius of the Universe.

Artists know very well that being caught up in the lights and glitz of success, along with the pressure and publicity, takes their focus off the flow, leading them into tumult. Many famous artists become profoundly spiritual after becoming successful because they know that life must go on and they need to continue to thrive. Creativity comes from the fount of life. There isn’t anything more spiritual than creativity.

We are always creating, even if you are not a creative professional. Creativity is simply an outpouring of energy into the expression of our lives.

In Hawaiian, there is a term, ‘imi ola, which means to seek life. If you recall from the beginning of this book, the Hawaiian and Maori words to strive for the summit and only bow down to a lofty mountain serve as reminders never to lose touch with our inner essence, to never stop seeking life. Much can be ameliorated if we understood that it is in our nature to seek to expand and learn how to direct our energies with discernment. Mindless consumerism is a symptom of not understanding how to apply and tends to one’s natural inclination to seek increase. This energy can be channeled into other ways that could benefit a person’s life tremendously and increase their vibrational frequency which will, in turn, be a light unto this world. A world alienated from spirituality in response to the mania for reason that emerged from the early 19th century is dangerously poised to lose touch with the inner essence of what it is to be a human being. The answer to the ailments of the modern world may lie in timeless, universal truths that present themselves in many ways, through the stories we have told across time immemorial, the artworks we create, our spiritual traditions, and what we now call the humanities or liberal arts.

This book will stay with you, long after you’ve finished reading it. Get your copy today.

Falling out of touch with one’s inner essence and not properly understanding who we are produces a feeling of being out of touch with abundance. We can create abundance because we are creator beings. Abundance is manifested from our energy, which is the energy of all Creation. Creation is abundance. It is the Source from which all things are possible, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. We are the only creatures capable of creating or miscreating through our intent, which is also called “free will choice” in traditional religious vernacular. To “be fruitful and multiply” can be dangerously misunderstood as a version of the Malthusian Population theory—that we will consume and proliferate to the verge of self-extinction. The words “subdue” and “dominion” have pushed people toward a masculine energy-dominated culture, a culture focused on force and control. We have been calling this “The Patriarchy.” “Fuck the patriarchy” is a popular feminist anthem. Some people go to the other extreme, espousers of “The Goddess,” “Mother Earth,” “Mother Mary,” or “Pachamama,” in Native American indigenous terms. Interestingly, each of these feminine aspects has a masculine counterpart. No attitude skewed toward favoring masculine or feminine is holistic—the Eastern mystic symbol of the Taiji, the Supreme Ultimate, which most of the Western world knows as “yin-yang” encompasses both sides. Masculine assertive energy and feminine receptive energy are meant to be integrated.

We are bundles of masculine and feminine energies, wrought with each of the elements, the fire of the heat of our bodies, the water that makes up the majority of our bodily composition, the stardust that we and all things are made of, and the air that constantly circulates through us. We are alchemized from raw elements into living beings. We are manifestations of abundance, displays of the organizing Creative Genius of the Universe showing up as human beings in our lifetimes. Everything in this world and our realities as we know it are projections of our intentions and perceptions. We are co-creating it in partnership with the forces of nature. In some ways, we miscreate and lament the dichotomy of good and bad, and then we fall into the trap of separation—the fall of man from God. The snake or chthonic python, our egos, whisper to us that this separation is more real than anything and we lose sight of who we are. This separation is the root of all suffering and all that we know of as evil. To awaken from the spell that is cast over us is can be difficult, but it begins with a choice. Once you make the choice that you wish to be free, you will find that all the Universe conspires to help you and your entire being spontaneously reorganizes towards wholeness and fullness of being. This too is a natural behavior of nature. Spontaneous organization happens in disrupted ecosystems, in cells that come back together to heal and repair a wound, and a life that gets back on track after a long while of being lost. It is Dharma in action. All life is creation and destruction unified as a whole.

To effect any real transformation and empowerment, you must embody the full force of who you already are. The ability to shift perspective is a radical act. Radical acts are daring, courageous, and transformative. When I talk about co-creation and partnering up with your life force energy, it may sound very mystical but there are actual physiological effects. When you build habits, you are also creating and deepening grooves in your brain. When you meditate, you are increasing certain neurochemicals and decreasing others. All of this is conscious participation in evolution. As you seek to build a meaningful life that is real, that you can feel and interact with, you are also creating changes spiritually and physiologically. The only real internal guidance that you need is a feeling of holistic well-being and mental clarity. You don’t need to be a mountain climber or at a rave concert or one of those churches that put on light shows.

This book guides you to find the temple within.

When an Indian mystic who came into the city talked about a buzzing noise that he couldn’t stand, I didn’t know what he was talking about. I have a friend from Berlin, Germany who is a cybernetics scientist. He implanted a small piece of magnet and his finger and one around for a day to see how it would feel to pick up the electromagnetic frequency from his finger. He said that it is a wonder we go about our daily lives with this unceasing buzz in the background that is constantly affecting our senses and nerves without us being aware of it.

One day, there was a blackout and Sean was irritated because he had to work from home and using his phone as a hotspot was not an ideal solution. When the electricity finally did kick back on, I was amazed by the contrast between the absolute silence and the buzzing noise that is constantly present to the point of us not even noticing it anymore because we’re so used to it. On a trip to Yosemite, I experienced a period without access to the internet or other common modern technologies. When I came back from the trip, there was this amazing feeling of crisp, clear energy. The same kind of feeling of clear sensing happened when we took a hike along the Empire Pass in Utah. For several centuries, even thousands of years, pundits and gurus have been trying to tell us that the pace of life is wearing us down and that we need to find some semblance of peace and pause.

We do not have to live in a monastery to achieve this. What we need is discipline because the sheer number of things we can be stimulated by is multiplying by the minute and stimulation is addictive. The stress caused by the stimulation is also addictive.

It is not always so easy to be in a worldly space, finding tranquility in our lives. If you can still yourself enough to be present, to touch this quality of aliveness, you can empower yourself. This is really what it means to elevate your vibrational frequency. At the very core of who you are, you have profound, transcendent energy that is unlimited. The Source of all life is within. Connecting with this is what raises your vibrations.

The monastery is our daily life, our spiritual training grounds. You have an opportunity to raise your vibrational frequency by being conscious about the energy behind everything that you think, do, and decide, as best as you can. As abundance increases in the world and more people become aware of how to connect to it, we need to learn how to become a conscious leisure class. What this means is that being connected to more abundance will free up more of your time and give you more options—it is up to you to optimize your awareness, attention, energy, time, and choices. Corporations and marketing professionals are very aware of this and spend several hours of nearly every day of their lives figuring out how to get you to give over your time, attention, energy, and money. The average person hardly spends a fraction of that amount of time analyzing their motives that have been driving their entire lives. A lot of people are addicted to being busy and doing important things. I found out this about myself today when I sat down with a book to read. It occurred to me that I was doing something quietly, which did not have to be important. It was simply something I enjoyed doing.

The more joy you savor, the more joy you encounter and accrue in your life. The bridge from survivalism to thriving is higher consciousness. Our primitive instinct is to avoid suffering and survive another day. We find a way to eat and function. We react and continue on living life as a series of reactions. A higher conscious response requires one to stay with what feels challenging with calm and intent. Learning how to be mindfully present trains us to place a pause before we react and respond. In this way, a response becomes a way to architect and coproduce life in increments. You can raise your vibration just by choosing your response.

These are the three tenets of thriving by being in touch with your aliveness:

  1. Know who you are. Be that.
  2. Know what you are here for. Do that.
  3. Know what you truly desire. Let it be so.

These are the three keys to living life beyond your wildest dreams. The keys to the kingdom are hidden within you and the Universe gives you clues, hints, and will-o-the-wisps throughout your life. Pay attention. Notice. Heal what you need to heal.

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Emma Bennett is an intuitive author, artist, and digital creator based in the Pacific Northwest, United States, using analog mediums and exponential technology to produce works that catalyze change, encourage growth, and inspire an enlightened and awakened culture. Learn More.

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