“That was amazing. It all resonated deeply, was encouraging, and very helpful. I thought it was funny that right after you drew the Queen of Air the wind started blowing things around! And as you know, I just now watched this reading but yesterday morning I wrote a blog post I titled ‘Time to Decide’ and you drew that exact card during the reading, which if you were doing it yesterday morning was the same time I was writing the entry. I have chills. This was so relevant. Thank you so much. :)”

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Hey there! I'm Emma. I am a published writer with a neuromuscular disorder and brain injury. I write and publish my own books, create stuff, travel, read, cook, eat, garden, and do all kinds of things. On my blog, I like to share tidbits on everything from great places for travel to fashion finds. Writing and creating affords me the independence and prosperity that allows me to heal and thrive. If you are lovin' what I do feel free to comment and shout out, get on my newsletter, and connect with me on social media! Thanks for supporting my work!