“Work smarter, not harder”
—Scrooge McDuck

Financial literacy

Economic empowerment

  • General Assembly is one of the most powerfully impactful companies for career and life-changing courses (you can get a $5k certificate that will get you on the track to a $100k career in tech instead of a degree, I kid you not), workshops, and events. They have free events that are incredible ways to listen in on big money, big idea, big personality, and big creativity talks. This alone can really change your wealth mindset game.
  • Check with your local public library on whether they have a program to offer free online classes, courses, and certifications with Lynda.com; save a monthly $30 fee. This is a powerful resource which will get you covered in an incredibly broad range of career fields and business knowledge. Information Systems, Leadership, Project Management, SEO, Digital Marketing, Small Business Accounting, Communications, Mentoring, and so much more.





Financial Advisors Who Do Not Earn Commission

Financial Coaching

Economic Empowerment for Survivors of Violence

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