Mentorship with Emma Bennett

Something new is coming. A sacred activation. And you are invited to be a part of it.

Not too long ago, a series of unexpected life events hit.

I thought that my life was going to sink like the Titanic and that I was headed towards rock bottom (or rather, floating out in the frigid ocean on a wooden door) but I recovered within a matter of weeks instead of months.

In just a few weeks, I called in a new position paying a $90k salary, received the strategies needed to pivot and direct my business towards five-figure months, passive income flowed in via direct deposits, and an apartment directly across the park where I like to take my daily walks manifested.

These resources landed directly into my email inbox, were given to me spontaneously during conversations, and manifested in many other unexpected and unexplainable ways. In 2016 I had hit a rock-bottom that took me more than three years to recover. What changed?

  • I leveraged flow instead of force
  • I was more strongly connected to Self & Source than ever before
  • I was so anchored vibrationally that I could not be uprooted

And now, it would be my absolute pleasure (and yours too) to invite you to deepen into your awareness and your ability to receive the Love, Wealth, and Power that YOU are in a mastermind experience for spiritually gifted individuals with big visions who have done the work, committed to their paths, and are ready for their highest activation yet.

☎️ Book a call with me to get started.

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