Manifest the Energy of Your Life

Emma Bennett is a writer, artist, and aesthete based in the Pacific Northwest .

The best things in life are offered freely to those who are open to receiving. What I have to offer the world is a gift to the ones willing to take the intrepid step into the territory of absolute possibility within. What results is a radiant manifestation of pure Essence, also known as energy, chi, shakti, mana, or vibes in the languages of the world. This is what it means to “Manifest Vibes.”

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The Big Leap

When I met Marianne Williamson while she was on her 2020 presidential election campaign tour, she said to me, “The higher conscious community has no idea what they are capable of.”

It’s time more of us found out! I felt that meeting Marianne was my confirmation that I did right by taking a leap of faith toward greater, truer fulfillment of my gifts, talents, and abilities that would be a win-win for all and a way for me to walk my talk. After about three years of mentoring, entrepreneurship training, preparation, and healing, I left my corporate job in October, 2019. It’s been amazing. There is a way that answering to your soul-aligned calling opens doors and provides you with resources. A hidden path appears. That is the way of the universe!

And so… the current project that I am working on is a book on the art of higher conscious living, in which I help clue you in on how to draw energy from the universe to harmonize your truest desires with your intentions so that you can co-create the reality your soul came to earth to experience. It is absolutely sustainable to live by alignment and higher consciousness. Furthermore, it is the highest level of service for you to be in your highest level of energy in this world because it is your light that is needed to help lift the planet to higher vibrations.

About Emma “Emalani” Bennett (moi)

A funny old nickname I had in college was Emma Bunny, la petite Lapine, earned from a classmate from a French language class led by a cantankerous octogenarian French nun. This does capture how people tend to see me, a carefree, soft-mannered cheeky rabbit. No one would be immediately able to tell from a first impression that the first thirty years of my life had been like a trek through Mordor, the fictional treacherous volcanic plain of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Yet, we must speak up about such things otherwise no one would know that such an experience is surely human and more common than the status quo would have us know. My Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) score is an 8 out of 10. The CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study found that persons with a score of 6 or higher can have up to twenty years cut from their life expectancy and that the trauma can cause long-term mental and physical health problems. For us to uplift humanity, we must encourage people to be raw and real, to be vulnerable in an empowered way, and to acknowledge where they have been wounded and painfully opened. It is only when we know that we need to heal that we will truly heal. A Native American perspective is that healing happens when our pain and suffering no longer controls us.

My partner Sean asked me what I would tell my eighteen-year old self and I said, “You have to heal before you can even think of being somebody or achieving anything.” This is a difficult message that an eighteen year old would be unlikely to be interested in but somebody’s got to put it out there. Truthfully, the unmitigated force of my true potential could never be uncorked until the dam of unaddressed internal stuff needing to be healed was cleared and the lessons they provided were received and integrated. It is my hope that more people that I can reach will be encouraged to take courage and go within so that they can bring the full force of their lights out to shine.

A curmudgeonly reviewer on Amazon left a scathing, cynical rebuke on a writer colleague’s book page, basically saying, “How dare you! Who are you to say that a healthy diet and lifestyle, yoga, and a positive attitude can make people feel better! You charlatan! You have no idea of the suffering that exists in this world and are a nincompoop for suggesting such farcical platitudes!” Yikes (it’s not our job to fix these people or their problems). Some people say to me, “So, you write self-help books? You should just write fiction, people like stories.” Well, I believe in creating from the soul and spiritual messaging for global awakening is just what comes through. I do believe that, “God helps those who help themselves,” and that the teacher does indeed appear when the student is ready, whether in the form of a magazine front page headline, a book (written by me perhaps), a meaningful chance conversation with a random stranger, or a sudden tumble out of normalcy. People will find my work if and when they are ready. If not, well, you can take a book and not understand a single sentence, think it is a load of hooey, and simply not be ready for it. At an independent bookstore, I overheard a woman say, “I thought Eat Pray Love was garbage years before, but I’ve recently picked it up again and think it’s absolutely wonderful now.” No matter what people could possibly think or how a work could be received (or not), a person with a creative calling must produce — and answer to the urges of their soul and no one, nothing else! So, this is what I do now. I create from the soul. That’s my job and it doesn’t seem to come with a “big deal” title though I do live in a fancy corner unit with a view of the Columbia River and Mount Hood.

Previously, I have been a donner of corporate badges and boring neutral work attire, learning the ropes of digital media publishing along with a curriculum vitae smorgasbord of jobs in hospitality, retail, non-profit, NGO, and other stations in life. I have been fortunate to learn from vaccination distribution with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a Middle East cultural exchange with the United Nations Development Programme, Geographic Information Systems Technology being used to alleviate tensions over land boundaries in Ghana, international trade logistics between Japan and the Port of Los Angeles in California, and a smattering of Fortune 500 ooh-la-la big fancy names like Sony Pictures Entertainment, Hulu, and NBCUniversal. These projects and institutions have provided an incredible, unique education of inestimable value in addition to studies in psychobiology and globalization (social, cultural, environmental, political, economic, and technological). In addition, I have a deeply comprehensive spiritual education combining arts and humanities, global mythologies and spiritual philosophies, Eastern and Western mysticism, and Shamanism. This is a true yin and yang, contemporary and timeless, integrated sum of experiences that I am fortunate to have.

“The responsibility of the writer as a moral agent is to try to bring the truth about matters of human significance to an audience that can do something about them.


Below is a photo of me looking out at Lyttelton, a charming port town on the South Island of New Zealand, or Aotearoa as it is called in te reo Māori. I grew up in Hawai’i and seem to be intrinsically tied to Oceania, finding no place on Earth homelike unless it is near the Pacific Ocean. So far, I am loving the Pacific Northwest. Sean and I have come to find ourselves in a place with a very strong sense of community and support for local arts and culture. Thank you for your support. Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian). Tēnā koutou (thank you and cheers in Maori). Did you know? The Maori expression of gratitude means “manifested of lifeforce.” Your support is a co-created and manifested blessing of lifeforce! Cheers!

Vancouver, Washington