Heart of Being: Emma’s Techniques & Strategies for Conscious Living, Loving, & Achieving

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Life is like an ocean that will send wave after wave. Fighting them is the tiring option. Learning to surf them is the fun option.

Nānā i ke Kumu, Look to the SourceThere is great wisdom seated deep in the heart of our being.

He po’i na kai uli, kai ko’o,‘a‘ohe hina pūko‘a
Though the sea be deep and rough, the coral rock remains standing.
Said of one who remains calm in the face of difficulty

Growing up in Hawai’i was absolutely magical, but there was trouble in paradise. My Adverse Childhood Experience score was an 8 out of 10, which was an extremely high level of trauma. Not only this, but I grew up with a congenital neuromuscular disorder, sickly, anxious, and later had a traumatic brain injury.

Interestingly, the brain injury changed my life in ways I could not have anticipated. I had studied psychology and psychobiology, but I had no real idea of the true capabilities of brain and nervous system adaptation until I learned and integrated from truly lived experience.

Graceful degradation is a technical engineering term meaning that an impacted system somehow remains operational under greatly limited capacity. It is what neurologically kicked in for me when I lost depth perception, was experiencing aphasia, an inability to read and write, was bedridden for 18 hours a day for a year, and could not walk without shoulders grazing into walls and running into doorways.

It was a debilitating, disorienting, deeply painful, isolating, and inhospitable way to live. The pain and disorientation persisted for years but I really needed to function some way, some how, even if the way did not yet exist. For this reason, my email signature used to read, Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam, “If there is not a way, I will make one.”

Graceful degradation somehow activated my intuition, just kicked it into the highest gear possible when I was cognitively impacted. I could quickly, lightly scan books and letters, not be able to read everything, and still somehow understand what was going on. My levels of empathy, ability to read tone and body language, and pick up on sensory cues were all amplified. I could walk into a room full of people and read it to a point that shocked some people. It seemed that I had extrasensory capabilities. In fact, I was able to start reading tarot cards, I Ching, and read people’s energy and auras. I could manage to accomplish things through leverage and not by forcing myself to be productive or expend more energy than I had to go on.

What I did not understand in the beginning was that this was an advanced capability for pattern recognition that we all have but do not use in our everyday lives—intuition. Intuition is a lower frequency, higher amplitude form of cognition that is much more powerful than the level of thinking we rely on for everyday problem solving, judgments, and decision making.

Everyone has hunches, strong feelings, and ways that they just know. When I was much further along in my recovery and working for NBCUniversal, I had the marvelous good fortune of working with a Senior Software Engineer and Quality Assurance Analysts who happened to be highly creative, intuitive individuals. They all had one interesting thing in common—they played music.

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Together, we tackled a problem that I had dug up five years of paperwork on that had not been solved until we got together and recognized the pattern. It took us a few days of looking until we became familiar with what we were looking at to the point that we could recognize, “One of these is not like the others.” And then, BAM. We had solved a five year problem that freed up tens of thousands of dollars a year and improved operations for our department.

Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” If we want to see real change in our lives, relationships, communities, places of work, and the world at large, we need to shift our thinking. That is what I am here to help with.

The world’s models of success and productivity at large are psychobiologically unsupportive, ineffective, and fast becoming redundant. To thrive and truly come alive, we need to co-create a different playing field of human adaptation and evolution. To teach and coach clients on how to do this, I rely on 15+ years of meditation and mindfulness training, teachings from spiritual teachers, coaches, mentors, and shamans, my education in psychology, psychobiology, and globalization, my work in digital content management with multinational entertainment companies, and the sum total of my lived experience.

Without further ado, I would love to share a preview of techniques and strategies I work on with clients to get them on higher amplitude waves of consciousness to achieve positive change, holistic success, integrative mind-body reconnection, happiness, and thriving. I love the work I do knowing that every person whose life I touch sends ripples of positive change out into the world!

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Meditation, Mindfulness, & Presence

Meditation, mindfulness, and presence practices are powerful ways of grounding the power of your brain, nervous system, and body so that you are seated in your personal power to respond to the events of life consciously and not be at the whim and mercy of conditioned and unconscious reactions. Furthermore, I teach clients how to overcome their negativity bias, their natural inclination to overfocus on negative stimulus by making a practice of embracing what I call Positive Conscious Experiences, or PCE’s, mindfully being present to experiences of positive energy. It is almost like mentally savoring Werther’s candy, choosing to be absolutely mindfully aware of and present to certain positive experiences as a means of training focus and attention. Over time, this becomes a natural part of your rehearsed responses to the events of life, opening you up to greater levels of ability to receive positive energy, opportunity, abundance, love, success, and expansion.

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Turn Your Beastie into Your Bestie

Have you ever seen a small child look at a dog and just start crying? I have and it can be pretty cute and funny, especially when it’s a notoriously family friendly but huge dog that thinks it’s a lapdog — the Great Dane. Creating change and achieving big goals in life is scary to the brain, nervous system, and body. The brain, nervous system, and body are naturally oriented towards protection for survival and will start blaring the stress alarms unless you disarm them with loving attention. My “Turn Your Beastie into Your Bestie” method is what I call “turning a Big Scary Thing into a Big Safe Thing,” easing your brain, nervous system, and body into the changes you wish to create in your life by introducing feelings of safety and nurturance.

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Live with Intention

When you honor your brain, nervous system, and body, which I refer to as the BNB, your full psychosomatic integrity, you unlock its genius. Put your hands to your chest. Feel that? Vibrations. You are an energetic being. Human creativity is the ability to transform energy through intention. Bring the energy of your intention to life, work, and relationships. This way, your most centered and sovereign energy creates influence that sends ripple effects of empowered energy through your life and affairs. This in turn creates expansive exchanges that return more satisfying, fulfilling, and rewarding experiences and opportunities to experience holistic success, prosperity, and thriving. This is a richer, truer, and much more satisfying way to think, do, and be human.

Thanks so much for checking out this article and learning more about what I love to nerd out about and work on with clients who are ready and willing to learn, level up, and expand with me!

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