Gifted Assessment

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“Gifted people cannot escape a sense of calling, a mandate to put their abilities to the test of time and constructive purpose. This is the true legacy of giftedness, the sense of responsibility to leave something valuable behind.”
― Mary-Elaine Jacobsen, The Gifted Adult: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius

Are you gifted?

Choose all of those statements that best describe the way you experience the world.

Please keep in mind that Everyday Geniuses tend to undervalue their own abilities.

I have always had an insatiable curiosity.      

I am able to run my mind on multiple tracks at the same time.

I learn rapidly and retain / apply what I learn.

I tend to be very independent.

I tend to be less motivated than others are by rewards, bonuses, and praise.

At times I have asked embarrassing questions or rudely pointed out truths at the wrong time.

My preference for the complex can fool me into underestimating the simple answer.

I like to refine and improve others’ innovations.

I feel comfortable with a wide range of emotions.

I can see many sides to nearly any issue.

Honesty, integrity, and ethics are important to me.

I can help others understand themselves better.I am a seeker and champion of ultimate truths.

My nervous system is easily aroused, and I am able to discern the slightest changes in my environment (aromas, shifts in light, etc.) or detect irritants (e.g. scratchy sweater label).

I can feel along with and for others.

I set high standards for myself and for others, and am my own worst critic.

I tend to look for consistency and security in systems, rules, and orderliness.

I am often considered a “driven” person.

I have maintained my childlike sense of wonder.

I am intent on searching out universal truths.

I am deeply disturbed by inequity, exploitation, corruption, and needless human suffering.

I can and do work myself to exhaustion.

Some people think I’m too serious.

I have always been interested in social reform.

I value and will defend diversity.

I have a strong need to “make a difference.”  

I have a penchant for risk-taking.

I can and do ignore my own needs for the sake of others.

If you have found a way of feeling totally seen and understood, you are gifted 🙂

From The Gifted Adult: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen

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