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I almost could not believe when my partner in life, love, and creativity, Sean the CIO (Chief Idea Officer) of this whole MVP operation, suggested that I give this away for free 🤯! But what an abundant vibe! I love it! So yes, you get this for free!
Want to know what you’re getting?

First off, let me tell you a story. 2015, I was working for Sony Pictures Entertainment. I worked on web content for your favorite shows and movies, like 21 Jump Street, Breaking Bad, and Outlander. The product manager I worked with at the time wanted my help with getting the team psyched about… learning.

We had Wednesday coding practice days, once weekly robot building lunches, and I was tasked with chasing after everyone to go get their library cards so that they could access Lynda, now LinkedIn Learning, for free. BUT. If it came down to plopping on the couch to watch Breaking Bad or popping on a course 😅 it was nearly impossible for me to convince them that learning was worth their time.

Fast forward six years later, I am the only one out of my team that got out of the corporate careering hamster wheel. Why? After work, I’d go to panels and events to meet with CEO’s, entrepreneurs, design professionals from Adobe and SAP, learn about start-ups doing incredible things like building a virtual reality simulator for NASA, and learning how to negotiate 💵 from Fox’s VP of Finance. While doing the dishes or laundry at home, I would play courses in the background. I hit the ground learning.

I am totally amazed 🤩 by anyone who actually takes what I have to offer to heart and applies it towards their success. When my partner Sean’s sister took up my advice to land the training certification to scale her career, that was so much YES!! for me!

Lately, I have been finding that many business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives I share with have no idea that the learning and development resources I tell them about exist! I just got a text from Byttani, a boutique owner, saying she loves coding and hadn’t tried one of the curated resources I offer in 🧰🛠 The Creative Entrepreneur Kit… a FREE coding course! So, I let her know, “If you thought that was amazing, there’s more!” Again, she was so surprised! If you are the type of person who can take this offer and really leverage it, I am totally happy to share! Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Creative Visionary Masterclass video
  • Heart-Centered Content Creation Workbook – for creative professionals to get to the heart of their originality
  • 6 Strategies for Work-Life Balance – totally easy, doable strategies to implement into your day to day to make everything so much easier
  • 2-Week Turnaround – to help you go from overwhelmed and overworked to feeling a sigh of relief that things are getting easier
  • Burnout 101 – learn how you can manage stress to prevent burnout and what to do when burnout does hit
  • Secret Stash of Stats on the Creative Economy – do you know how much the creative economy is worth?
  • Learning & Development Resources – a curated collection of podcasts, shows, documentaries, books, and more

Like I said… I can’t even believe we’re practically giving this away! This is such a fun offer! I hope you love it!!

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