Authentic Empowerment: Live Your Passions Fearlessly & Manifest Your Destiny is a 6-week accelerator course to unleash your inner genius and align with your intentions to co-create the life of your living dreams and truest desires. As a bonus, you’ll also gain the confidence to totally own and rock it.

Here are examples of what others have called into their lives with their own power:

  • A financial tech intrapreneur (innovator within a company) aligned to co-create the closing of a former chapter in his life by selling his family home and then to move into the next chapter. This resulted in a successful sale within 3 months ($283k smooth and easy sale) and a career with $54k higher salary plus equity with a 15-20 minute commute from a home he’s thrilled to live in. No more 1 hour commutes!!
  • A talented chef and certified nutritionist co-created the story of living with her significant other in a dream home surrounded by nature and animals. She wasn’t sure about the finances or how it would all happen but completely trusted me and got aligned with her intentions, then found the perfect lofted home on a horse ranch with the perfect landlords who take care of their every need with thoughtful sincerity.
  • My first success story was myself. I grew up with poverty, abuse, and heavy trauma. I didn’t want to be stuck in cycles of revictimization or reenactment of the traumas, I wanted to heal and be free to live life as I envisioned it. It all started with 10-year-old me with a little golden retriever journal brainstorming how it could be my reality, just months after being homeless living in a car. Flash forward to now… I am happily semi-retired in my thirties. My life’s story will be published soon! If you’re on my newsletter, you’ll be among the first to know when it’s out.

Want these results for yourself?

The Authentic Empowerment course is designed to help you align with the highest and the utmost within yourself to unlock the energy to heal, thrive, and succeed in all aspects of lifeIf there is anything holding you back or locking you into a comfort zone, this course will give you tools to break yourself free.

Authentic Empowerment is a 6-week virtual retreat you don’t need to pack up and travel to. There are weekly calls you can check into or catch up on with a replay.

If this is you…

  1. Awake – Mindful, attuned to beauty, magic, and higher consciousness, and understands that there’s way more to life and this world
  2. Big – The one who invests in their growth and makes moves on living their life to the utmost as a way of life beyond limits, not just a goal
  3. Unabashedly Wholehearted – The person with profound sensitivity and courage to live among a world of people who may not understand them or meet them where they are, yet they keep showing up

This course is for you.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

-Joseph Campbell

As Joseph Campbell powerfully puts it, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

You’re already on the right track. Together, we can fast track this. This is what the Authentic Empowerment six-week accelerator is for. Your perks, quirks, ticks, peeves, gifts, talents, and abilities are all vital clues to the core truth of who you are. When you tune in and plug into a greater Source of creative potential and energy, you can really leverage your instincts, intuition, and intellect for greater freedom and expansion. If you’re a creative, entrepreneur, or a fast and daring jungle-gym career climber (rather than a ladder climber), you need to access and integrate the core truths within. The access part, you probably have already done. The integration part, I find is where things get tricky for most people. This is where I come in.

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You can find a stylist to help you rock your style. You can find a fitness coach to help you get ripped. You can work with me to flex the authentic truth of who you are. Register for my upcoming Authentic Empowerment course, a 6-week experience.

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Payment arrangements are available! Email me and I will set up a custom invoice for four monthly payments for $204 per month.

If you would like to generously sponsor someone in need, please submit any amount to have subsidized towards the cost of course or coaching here and specify that the payment is for “Scholarship.”

There are no refunds after end of day before course start date, please consider carefully before registering. The insights I have to share will shift your life. I cannot ask you for my own time and energy back, so I would greatly appreciate if you’d consider making a commitment wholeheartedly and be all in too.

I donate to KCRW, am a Huntington Library member, and a portion of the proceeds from my work go to FreeFrom, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating pathways to financial security and long-term safety that support survivors of gender-based violence. My work is a vital part of my thriving and economic empowerment as a former survivor of violence and trauma, woman, entrepreneur, and Pacific Asian minority. Thank you.