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Emma is a creative strategist, coach, and mentor with experience with digital media publishing, ads, and SEO for Fortune 500 entertainment corporations and as an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and digital creator.

Digital media publishing and content management experience: Hulu, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and NBCUniversal.

International business training and research experience: Marriott, Fender, Skechers, Toyota, United Nations Development Programme.

Why Heal?

When I first worked with my creative coach and mentor years ago, I had no clue why I had to learn about inner child healing to become a successful creative entrepreneur. Now, undoubtedly, I know that being in touch with your personal power, healing, and learning how to be conscious and present to life makes all the difference.

You nurture your body. You nurture your mind. You nurture your heart. You nurture your soul. And then you have the strength and courage to go out there and do what you do. Your light shines brighter.

Being a spiritual, conscious, and creative powerhouse changes LIVES and changes the WORLD. Energy changes everything.

You can charge for making a difference. You are one of the world’s greatest untapped 💎 diamond mines and you don’t even know it.

What is creativity worth?

Here’s a few stats from my secret stash 🔒 of marketing research from when I worked in corporate entertainment + more from my own research:

• Personal coaching is the 2nd fastest growing industry worldwide. In the US the coaching market is worth over $2.4 billion
• 75% of women look to establish a side hustle – more than half of women have an idea they could turn into a business
• In 2018, Americans spent $2.2 billion on “mystical services” which range from astrology apps to crystal subscription box services to “intuitive business consultants.”
• Performing arts companies and independent artists, writers, and performers added a combined total of $60.9 billion to the U.S. economy in 2019 (NSAA).
• In 2019, arts and culture added $919.7 billion to the U.S. GDP (NSAA)
• Creativity, originality and initiative is the number-three skill set predicted to be in demand for 2022 (2018 Future of Jobs Report).
• According to UN estimates, the creative economy industries generate annual revenues of $2.25 trillion and account for 30 million jobs worldwide

Guess what? This is all surface stuff. Align your work, worth, and value and attract the opportunities to turn what is possible into what is made real. Then, your energetic contributions become a part of the manifestation of the global creative economy.

It starts with you, with your healing and empowerment so that the message of your soul can awaken your power and erupt as a force of creativity into the world. That is what I am here to help you with as a creative strategist, coach, and mentor. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me today to see if we are a good fit for each other.

I am also available for corporate and organizational consultations. Email me hello@manifestvibes.com to inquire.

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