Keeping It Simple

Sean on the bridge, Flaxmere Gardens

The beauty of keeping it simple is not only manageability, but scalability and sustainability, two things which are often noted as important in matters of business but have proven to be very important for life itself.

The Joy and Punishment of Braces

Simple enough as retrofitted plastic pieces which fit over your teeth, Invisalign is an incredible advancement from the days of head gear and metal braces. I may have nothing to complain about to someone who has experience those and I did meet such a person in a restroom once. It is grand to have the option but it's psychologically wacky to have the unnerving battles with public restrooms, trash bins, and binge-eating.

Daylight Saving Cluster Headaches

Daylight Saving is a doozy. The number of traffic incidents increases. People get cantankerous. It's harder to wake up and get going in the morning. And it f****s with your circadian rhythm. The effects of this can last for a very long time. It is like a form of jet lag, only you haven’t traveled… Continue reading Daylight Saving Cluster Headaches

The Business of Thriving

The business of being in business, whether as an entrepreneur or employee, comes down to how we all engage our gifts, talents, and abilities to thrive and assist others to do so as well. The absolute most effective way to make this world a better place is to leverage your actualization for maximal impact during your lifetime. The more conscientious badass human beings power up the grid of global human life, the better our world will be.

Mythology & Monsters

The Power of Myth is an incredible interview series with the legendary Joseph Campbell is revolutionary in demystifying metaphysics and archetypes. Through these conversations, you can really feel truths you know you know coming to surface. It's unraveling, revelatory, and circling back to the center of who you know we all are. I've geeked out… Continue reading Mythology & Monsters