About Manifest Vibes

Manifest Vibes is a Creative Agency focused on Vibrational Wellness Advocacy. What this means is that we are all charged with the energy of life. This energy is the source of Creativity, Innovation, and Culture. If we are to make ripples and waves in any of these areas, we must focus on and direct our energy and the energy of the collective at large through our influential impact by fully embodying the radical truth of who we are in work, life, love, and ethos.

The key to living an empowered life of thriving is what Emma has coined M.A.E.V.E.:


Focus on your energy holistically. Your somatic (bodily) intelligence, health, and sensations. Your thoughts and the stories you narrate on a daily basis. Your emotional wellbeing and intelligence. Radical candor and authenticity in all the ways you express yourself through speech, interaction, art, and simply showing up. The life you envision and bring to form in each and every present moment. If the empowerment comes from a standpoint of the core, unadulterated truth of who you are and alignment with the Source energy of your life, you are authentically empowered. This is Emma’s message through Instagram micro-blog posts, YouTube videos, the blog on this site, her writings and teachings, and whatever ways she finds to express herself.

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