Rage for a Reason

Rage for the sake of rebellion is stupid — nothing more than a cacaphony of repressed emotions and unprocessed traumas. We should know better by now. God knows we have the means to. We have the information age at our fingertips, yet we have the propensity to be dumber than ever before. This could be the “Unenlightenment Age” that reveals the lack of discernment and critical thinking that renders knowledge utterly useless. Or it could be the gleeful era of stealth geniuses looking to be the kooks and woowoo wackjobs that don’t know anything, yet they know everything there is to know about the world and the metaphysics of how to live in it, and therefore command it without the sleeping masses knowing what is really going on.

It is dawning on me that I can write and publish whatever the fuck I want, read whatever the fuck I want, go wherever I please to go, and be the person I really mean to be. The only thing that has been holding me back by the collar is the shame-based conditioning of the status quo, an invisible mental electric fence programmed both by society and evolution to keep us in line with the tribes we may need for survival. Now that we have come to the point where we can choose who we deem worthy of allyship and have the means to choose our family, to be aware of the fact that reproduction alone does not make a person a parent or a partner, we can be much wiser about who we select as allies in life, love, creation, and beyond. We no longer need our neighbor or lover for survival, yet our life can be much better if we have neighbors and lovers who enhance our experiences of life and the world. Thus, I feel we must strive to be the best neighbors and lovers we can be. Like truly will attract like and we will benefit greatly from withdrawing from the addled, deluded masses who think rage, hate, separation, nihilism, and brainless internalized capitalism, being lab rats consuming culture for dopamine hits while thinking their mindless behaviors to be the shit of the shit that makes them cool.

It is not fucking cool. It miscreates further separation, chaos, and confusion in the world. Human beings are beings with creative potential that can be wielded as a righteous, aligned use of power or a sawed off shotgun of idiocy in the wrong fucking hands. The choices of individuals on a moment by moment basis contributes to the whole of society and everything to do with the human world. Liberating the minds of the masses isn’t just a newfangled take on the Christian crusades of old, barbaric annals of history, it is a desperate plea to stop being so goddamn stupid and reckless so we can all live in a better world, feel safer and happier to raise our families, and look forward to better futures. For the love of fuck y’all, smarten up so we can live.

Photo by Zetong Li

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