What Would You Do With More Energy? Emma’s January Letter 2022

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What would you do with more energy?

This was a big question for me last year, about halfway through 2021. I hit a major milestone in my brain injury recovery, started sleeping better, feeling better, being awake for more hours of the day, and having increased energy levels.

From the very beginning of starting up a business in 2017 when I was really in the weeds of brain injury recovery, it felt that the low levels of energy and high levels of pain I experienced were the number one obstacle I faced.

Day in and day out, it was mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually challenging. Day in and day out, I did anything and everything I could, learned everything I could, tried everything I could, researched, and searched high and low for any radical solution to healing brain injury I could possibly find.

And then last year I found the research of doctors Daniel Amen and Ben Chapek of the Amen Clinic in Bellevue, Washington, and I picked up Dr. Chapek’s book, Concussion Rescue, a comprehensive book on brain injury recovery that could have been nice to find in the beginning, but I don’t think I was ready for the responsibility of taking ownership of my life in 2014.

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Multnomah Falls in the Winter

I had nowhere near the levels of conviction and clarity that I now have. It is almost as if the obstacle that I had pushed up the hill over and over again gave me the opportunity to get crystal clear on what was worth living for. During the process of really having no choice but to hyper-focus on the most essential, crucial, and truly high priorities of my life with the energy levels and health I did have to work with, I became super-intentional.

I would write it, speak it, and do it. Everything I set an intention for would become my primary focus, motivator, and drive. Like an athlete before a game, I would envision before I would execute. This became a powerful habit in my life.

As each intention would unlock new levels of expansion in my life, I would experience continual positive progress in health, relationships, success, and really all areas of my life. Furthermore, this progress felt even more rewarding and humbling because I would know that I once envisioned it all and that I was headed towards even more expansion in my life.

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Oregon Coast

When I work with people to get in the habit of setting themselves up for success before the start of each day with a set of self-empowering practices, the difference is always clear when they get out of the habit versus staying with it. When I ask how their day goes without setting an intention first, I always hear that the day did not entirely go the way they would have liked.

I will give you a bit of a funny example. My sweet partner Sean got really riled up about one of his points systems (he is super savvy about credit card, hotel, and mileage points), and called customer service to let ‘em have it. It didn’t turn out well. I overheard him saying angrily, “You switched up the rules without giving people any notice! That is stupid!” I asked if he would like to pause and set an intention.

“EWOP!” he said and flashed a smile at me. Everything is working out perfectly, a wonderful intention my teacher Shaman Sergei taught me.

“EWOP,” I confirmed and smiled back at him.

A little over an hour later, I heard him whoop with excitement and he showed me his phone screen. “I got diamond status!! EWOP! Everything is working out perfectly! You taught me that!”

That is the power of intention.

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Columbia Gorge

This one mindset shift makes a crucial difference in your energy levels, motives, how you show up, how you handle yourself, how you prioritize, and how you execute.

I have seen this simple commitment make a major difference in all areas of life, including health, relationships, personal and professional success, self-esteem, confidence, and growth.

In my personal life, I have made tremendous progress in healing from brain damage, actual brain tissue atrophy and impacted neurological functioning from a Diffuse Axonal Injury, which about 30% of people never recover consciousness from and most are critically affected for the rest of their lives, met the love of my life, Sean, made plenty of money to support my thriving, built a business, traveled the world with my life, and am living a life I love to live.

There is a lot that has gone into this incredible journey that still continues on. Intention is a big part of it. Learning to fuse the creative powers of neuroplasticity, brain and nervous system rewiring, together with Law of Attraction is another part of it, which I teach in my course, Create the Life You Love.

Are you ready to live intentionally? It takes about 21 days to get into a habit. From this Friday, January 2021 at 8:30 AM PST, 11:30 AM EST, I will be launching a 21 Day Be Intentional Challenge to help you go beyond setting resolutions once a year to living a life of intention.

Or, if you would like to purchase my Create the Life You Love course and get the 21 Day Be Intentional Challenge for free (a $49 value), learn more and sign up here.

Happy New Year everyone!
Emma Bennett

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