Time is a Beautiful Thing Emma’s December Letter

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Time is a beautiful thing

Time is great. Time to spend with loved ones, cozy up with your cup of coffee in the mornings and watch the fog outside of the window, and recharge your energy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more than enough?

Having more than enough time and energy go hand in hand. Take proper care of your energy and prioritize what is most meaningful for you, and time seems to be taken care of as well.

During college, I had to participate in time management tutoring. I really hated getting hyperspecific and granular. I saw no use in cramming in the to-do’s to the point that it was untenable. However, being very clear on what it is that you intend to accomplish gives you a bigger picture that helps make it clear what to prioritize to achieve the objective that really matters.

A lot of people, myself included, focus on trying to do all the things first. Starting with intent before action can make all the difference in streamlining your focus, attention, and efforts, which optimizes and leverages the energy that you have to go on and what is within your power to do something, anything about.

This is why I teach people how to manage their conscious awareness and energy as well as the loveliness of meditation, mindfulness, law of attraction, manifestation, co-creation, healing, and all the wonderful spiritual stuff in my course, Create the Life You Love.

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When I worked with corporate entertainment, I struggled to find a way to feel that I had a sense of purpose, to feel that my work was in alignment with my values. That I was contributing something meaningful. Quitting my job right away and jumping on my desk to announce that I had it with this shit was not an option.

What I could do was implement conscious strategies. For example, to take the time each morning before the start of the day to focus and visualize the difference my presence can make for others, my workplace, the people my work serves, people I love, and the world.

That alone would shift my mindset and attitude no matter what was crammed into my calendar or my inbox. Someone once advised me on success, “Leave your ego at the door and let your cause walk in.”

You do not have to be an entrepreneur, work for a non-profit, give away all of your belongings and pack up for Sierra Leone to become a missionary, or solve all of India’s poverty and hunger problems to do this.

It is a matter of how you approach anything and everything you do, from running errands and responding to emails, to how you talk to people, how you show up to a meeting, how you show up anywhere or do anything, really.

This is an incredibly valuable lesson I learned that helped me manage the shifting responsibilities of brain injury rehabilitation, work, life, relationship, and the new normal that continues to morph with time as I incrementally make more and more headway in the rehabilitation journey.

Little by little, I rebuilt my life after brain injury and this business. I am so excited about the levels of energy I now have to enjoy the time in my life and to show the world my creative offerings, my book, course, virtual community hub, and business. I have offers on offers on offers for you!

Sign up for my Create the Life You Love course, a course on aligning the intentions of your innermost, truest dreams and desires to co-create them into the life you live. Plus, get complementary access to a private community, Creative Thriving, Between the Lines Book Club, and 21-Day Intention Challenge to get you going the distance for 2022!

Happiest of holidays! As we close this year (yes, already!!) I feel so grateful for you, for community, for everyone’s incredible love and support.

With love and gratitude,
Emma Bennett

P.S. FOUR down, more to go! As a note of gratitude, I pledged to give a portion of the proceeds of my Create the Life You Love course sales to nonprofit, arts, culture, and commerce organizations I love. ✅ Portland Art Museum, check! ✅ Vancouver Community Library, check! ✅ Portland Japanese Garden, check! ✅ Oregon Public Broadcasting, check! Thank you all so much!!

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