The Infinite Sum Game: You Play to Grow, Not Win or Lose

The Infinite Sum Game: You Play to Grow, Not Win or Lose

The infinite sum game is a game in which all players gain from the success of any one player. Why do we believe success has to be about winning or failing, gaining or losing? Negativity bias. Our brain’s survival predisposition to hyperfocus on fear and pay short-lived attention to the positive. This influences our broader culture, media, and the global sociocultural climate. When we overcome the negativity bias through conscious practices of living, being, and doing, it is a win for all. We are no longer contributing to the collective problem, we are contributing the solution. That is why we need to awaken.

Your intuition and the Universe are in cahoots, nudging you to heal, grow, become who you authentically are, and experience greater success and fulfillment.

If you don’t respond to the nudge, maybe you’ll get a push.

What if that doesn’t do it? Maybe you find yourself being Wile E. Coyote suspended in midair with an anvil, grand piano, and an elephant hanging over your head ready to crash on you.

You grow or you crash. In life, you need to keep it moving. Energy needs to flow. Life is meant to be expansive. The entire force of the Universe is all about expansion. So are you.

When you say yes to the expansion, space for greater freedom and possibilities open up.

When you let go of the plans you held tightly onto, a bigger, wilder, and truer dream reveals itself to you.

As you get more and more evidence right before your bewildered eyes, through synchronistic events (meaningful coincidences that happen in perfect timing in the perfect way), you are convinced that this is for real.

That’s what we’re here for in the Create the Life You Love community + course.

Come join us if:

✨ You are feeling this and answering yes, this resonates
✨ You are feeling ready for the next level of your life and would love to concentrate your energy, set your intentions, align, clear the way, and get ready to receive what comes next
✨ You have gone through healing and life changes and would love to go even further with more support
✨ You would like to supercharge and accelerate your growth
✨ You’d really, really love it to be easy, flowy, and fun
✨ Being a part of a supportive community of like-minded others with tremendous vision, courage, and heart is right up your alley

If you are a sensitive soul full of big dreams, love, and life—a dreamer, darer, and lover of life—come join your tribe. Together, we create opportunities to learn and grow as a community. We are here to encourage and empower one another to create the lives we love and mean to live.

Registration ends Friday. We are keeping things small so we can be super supportive, so registration by application is encouraged. Click here to schedule a free 15-minute call with me.

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