😜 It Doesn’t Have to be So Hard

I just got up from a nap πŸ˜ͺπŸ’€ with a silk eye mask over my forehead. Hairs out of place. No hair and makeup team in sight. Today, I decided to have a day of restoration and replenishment. I started dawdling around and checked out Alanis morissette’s newest album. I’ve been listening to her music since I was 8 years old. Then, I got to her blog and I saw that she was writing very simple, small posts. Nobody seems to care, she certainly didn’t seem to care, that it wasn’t big and grandiose enough, that she wasn’t writing everybody a novel. I am dictating this via voice to text. This is a way that I can pick back up on blogging here and there, every now and then, with a brain injury induced inability to stare at screens for very long. It is an imperfect solution. I do have to go back to the screen and correct certain things. However, it is a solution. No matter how small, finding these kinds of atomic solutions and atomic habits, ways to leverage less effort for more resultsβ€”add up. I am a writer. I do need to get to the screen every so often to type things up from my shorthand notes and my pages and pages of scrawled on notebooks, menus, receipts, envelopes, etc. It would be helpful to have somebody to work with me on transcribing and editing. Yesterday, I set a loose, flexible time boundary for working with a computer, typewriting and social media. Trying things. Life of a disabled writer! Keep figuring it out.