The Joy and Punishment of Braces

Simple enough as retrofitted plastic pieces which fit over your teeth, Invisalign is an incredible advancement from the days of head gear and metal braces. I may have nothing to complain about to someone who has experience those and I did meet such a person in a restroom once. It is grand to have the option but it’s psychologically wacky to have the unnerving battles with public restrooms, trash bins, and binge-eating. You are never going to be guaranteed a clean, sanitary, and fresh looking restroom to clean your braces and teeth. You are also never going to be guaranteed that there won’t be people banging at the door telling you to get the hell out already. Everyone who has Invisalign braces will experience accidentally tossing out their braces wrapped in a napkin at the restaurant once, twice, or maybe even three times and will have to publicly go through the trash like a raccoon. If you’re a lifelong grazer like me, you may find yourself ravenously finding anything to stuff your face with before you get cut off by putting the braces back in (you’re supposed to have them in for about 20 hours daily).

So, what’s the upside? Before “Snaggletooth Tom” and “Canine Dion” could be recognized and respected for who they were, they had some dentistry work of their own to get through. The world is judgy. Appearances matter. And malocclusion, crooked teeth, can be harder to clean and keep healthy. My partner’s mum threw her Invisalign braces away and called it quits on her dentist. It was way too annoying for her to deal with anymore. It was my partner who gifted me with the surprise of setting me up with his dentist to get started with Invisalign last Christmas because he believed I needed the chance to be able to open up and smile. When I find myself nervously smashing leftover Halloween candy in my face before putting them back in, I try to remind myself of this.

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Hey there! I'm Emma. I am a published writer with a neuromuscular disorder and brain injury. I write and publish my own books, create stuff, travel, read, cook, eat, garden, and do all kinds of things. On my blog, I like to share tidbits on everything from great places for travel to fashion finds. Writing and creating affords me the independence and prosperity that allows me to heal and thrive. If you are lovin' what I do feel free to comment and shout out, get on my newsletter, and connect with me on social media! Thanks for supporting my work!

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