The First and Greatest Student

It is very funny when you have that moment realizing you’re doing it! It’s like you are ice skating and not falling on your ass every five seconds anymore. You are riding a bicycle down the street without the trailing training wheels on. You’re doing it! My significant other went to a transformational seminar and texted me that they were validating everything he was learning with me at home. He said that he was smiling the whole way through, thinking to himself that he had a life coach at home. I started smiling from ear-to-ear as well hearing all of his AHA! bells getting rung all over the place going ding ding ding! He told me about something that seminar leader said leads to isolation and judgment, and how everyone has them. I replied, “Of course! This is what I was telling you about your subconscious hangups, your conditioning, your self-sabotaging behaviors. In Buddhist teaching, these kinds of things are called kleshas and maras. Kleshas are mental states that muddy the clarity of your consciousness and can manifest in ways that are not so wonderful. Maras are the “personification of the forces antagonistic to enlightenment (Nyanaponika Thera).” My significant other also started talking about the seminar touching on the thoughts in your head getting in the way of you being on your way in your life. I started laughing out loud. These are the kinds of things we go over almost every day! He is my first and greatest student. This is a very confirming, validating experience for me to hear from him that he is receiving all this reinforcement and validation. A little over a year ago, my mentor looked at me and said I didn’t really need the teacher anymore, that I was the teacher. After a lifetime of learnings from shamans, Taoist and Buddhist masters, energy healers, thought leaders, scientists, doctors, metaphysicians, entrepreneurs, businesspersons, philosophers, writers, artists, and Kapunas (Hawaiian elders)—I am.

“Its literally… WORD for WORD what you have been teaching me all about. It’s pretty much a life coaching course. We talked about mindfulness, meditation, changing your mindset to create actions which produce results.”

I am telling you this so that you know, it does happen. It is for real. All this stuff about liberating your mindset and getting WOKE UP IN THIS PLACE. How magical your life can get and how freely you can soar when you’re in the flow and in the know! Learning about energies, frequencies, mindfulness, manifestation, and changing your mindset to take your power back is like learning how to harness the forces of lift, drag, and gravity to help you fly. Less struggle, more magic. If you had met me ten years ago, I would not be the person to talk to about any of this stuff. It took a lot of investment and follow-through. The work that needs to be done to get to the point of being a tried and true believer in the magic of co-creation and manifestation are so worth it. This is not the end of hearing me singing their praises. You can do it, I can do it, my significant other can do it. We can elevate our consciousness and lift the entire world up with us. We can stay mindful even when coffee spills on your shoe on the way out the door in the morning or when you hardly get to drag yourself to the office elevator after an email battle which ends at 7:30 PM. We can live rich, full, and glorious lives on the high road well above that quotidian grind! We can thrive and live to tell the stories and sing the praises!

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