Mythology & Monsters

The Power of Myth is an incredible interview series with the legendary Joseph Campbell is revolutionary in demystifying metaphysics and archetypes. Through these conversations, you can really feel truths you know you know coming to surface. It’s unraveling, revelatory, and circling back to the center of who you know we all are. I’ve geeked out on mythology since I was very little, when I was a budding metaphysician. I hope you find these programs on mythology and archetypes as engaging and illuminating as I have.

This series is available on PBS and Netflix. Let’s support our public broadcast stations! Here is a clip for you:

Joseph Campbell played a vital part contributing to the existence of what we know of as Star Wars.

Hold on to your seats! I found Myths and Monsters on Netflix:

Here is a fantastic work of Joseph Campbell: The Hero with a Thousand Faces (The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell)

I absolutely adore Joseph Campbell, he is the People’s Hero of our times. This affiliate link is a highly recommended work of a brilliant human being.

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