Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

What I’ve learned of natural beauty secrets have been largely from Europe. The way I take care of my skin and approach makeup has been learned from Swiss, French, Italian, and German influences. These approaches to skincare and makeup have been the most accommodating for my sensitive and fair skin as well as safer in terms of chemicals. American products tend to be heavily laden with chemicals and comedogenic, which means they block your pores. The beauty standards in the United States are influenced majorly by marketing demands, whereas the beauty standards of Europe are influenced by serving people’s time-tested real needs. When I walk into a department store or place that sells makeup, people almost always comment that I don’t look like a person who would ever need foundation. They’re right. Eating well, hydrating, and keeping harsh chemicals at bay are truly the real beauty deal.

This is a great video to watch on European beauty sensibility. I cannot speak to whether I would actually use the products she grabbed in the pharmacy, because I am very careful to avoid breakouts and rashes. Generally speaking, seeing ECOCERT labels on products in Europe is the thumbs up that it is a harsh chemical-free organic product. In Germany, I found many “bio” products and used them without any issues. The overall philosophy she has about beauty as a part of your health and highlighting your natural features is what I approve of.

I’ve learned a great many things about self-care from European culture. Using lotions every time after bathing, suncare, consistently putting lotion on your feet, and being very selective about laundry detergents that affect the clothing which touches your skin are all beauty points that have become a way of life for me. Also to mention, I’ve learned a lot about body-love and embracing sexuality from European culture. Different shaped boobs and butts. Men with and without beards. Vaginas and penises. Have a bush if you want, don’t if you don’t. You can wax your own legs and armpits. Taking care of our humanity, our physicality is regarded as a no-brainer to them. It is all very quotidian. Absolument. You wash your face, naturally. You have sex, naturally. You keep the body you have for this life and keep it well, naturally. Natürlich ganz gesund. Naturally, this is healthy. Focusing more on wellness rather than consumer marketing trends relieves a lot of the anxiety to keep buying products, keep trying to fix or make up, and frees up both your money and your time.


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