Hi, I’m Emma, also known as Emalani

Through my writing and coaching, I specialize in teaching and training Gifted Entrepreneurs and Creatives to engage with life’s experiences in the most empowered ways, whether they come like a bolt out of the blue or as a slow, subtle unfolding, through proven meditation, mindfulness, and neural plasticity engaging techniques for maximal thriving and minimal busywork.

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Authentic Empowerment

Authentic Empowerment: Engage the Power You Already Have, a six-week accelerator begins soon. Book your spot today! Seats are limited to allow for an intimate, personalized group coaching experience.

The Answers You Need

As a shaman and energy intuitive, I provide gentle yet powerfully effective spiritual advising services which incorporate shamanic, energy healing, and transpersonal development insights to help you connect with Higher Self wisdom and leave feeling empowered to thrive. Email me to book an appointment for Spiritual Advising.

Life Energy Coach

You, my dear, are powerfully equipped with the capacity to heal, shine, and transcend. A vital part of my life’s work and calling is dedicated towards helping you connect with this marvelous Essence of yours. Email me to work with me as your Life Energy Coach & Trainer.

Presence Will Set You Free

Many have misconceptions of the ego, their base nature, and general confusion about unwanted behaviors, triggers, and patterns.
I help people with conscious sensory and presence training to develop their resilience and automate the gentle handling of these life experiences with compassion.
Consciousness is the intersection of our Higher Self and our Subconscious.
In Hawaiian shamanism, manawa is a powerful principle meaning, ‘Now is the moment of power.’
Now is all we truly have. Here is where we ever truly are.
These kinds of universal principles can be expressed in many ways, through sacred teachings, poetry, art, billboards, people from all around the world who do not know each other at all — we can all touch these powerful truths of Universal Intelligence by staying in touch with the Infinite Depth within us all.
Presence is our most powerful state of existence. For this reason, I highly encourage and teach the practice of meditation.

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Who We Are

higher vibrational living and transparent freedom

Manifest Vibes

Grind Less, Live More

Manifest Vibes is a Creative Agency focused on Vibrational Wellness Advocacy. What this means is that we are all charged with the energy of life. This energy is the source of Creativity, Innovation, and Culture. If we are to make ripples and waves in any of these areas, we must focus on and direct our energy and the energy of the collective at large through our influential impact by fully embodying the radical truth of who we are in work, life, love, and ethos.


Emma Bennett

Author, Founder, CEO, Shaman, Energy Healer, Life Energy Coach

An unconventional path is one way of putting it! Life’s many gracious lessons came from books, experiences, and teachers of several different sacred paths. Formal education encompassed psychology, psychobiology, and global culture, society, politics, technology, and environmental issues. My career in corporate entertainment started when I showed up in the lobby by the north elevator because I was going off of an intuitive hunch I got while hanging out at a nearby pool. I started up my own business so that I can do something for an authentically empowered and inspired living.

I work with my manager Alex, my partner Sean, financial coach Ngi, and marketing coach Danielle.


Wow, that’s powerful.
– Marianne Williamson

I Loved this Reading Your So Gifted And Your intellectualism and insightful is so important and helpful To apply to my journey… Love your vulnerability. Gorgeous as usual not only that but so Gifted 💗 Your such a Gifted Reader so many are Fakes on YouTube. You are a Blessed Soul I knew this the first time I listened to you or should I say felt your energy vibration. Love You Sweet SiStar ⭐️💗🙏💗
– Mary Ann K.

Love your vibes ❤❤❤ thank you for the advice. It resonates.

Wow. Amazing. Absolutely amazing… You’re amazing Emalani , Love your work!
– N.

Good on you 100x more than what you bless me with… Hoooooyahhhh😇😇😇😇🤧😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😁
– Jody T.

Speechless❤❤❤ Emalani, Love you too!! You are an inspiration!! Thank you!!
– Loven L.

You are so very knowledgeable!!! ​You are young but have the wisdom of an old soul.
– Patti N.

Thanks Soo much! You’re right, it’s been a sh*tstorm for ME!!But, we’ve Got to stay Grounded…You Know Who You Are! It’s time We Align with Our Best path forward…Blessings..Sending You Much Love , Great Health..and, Success!! ….Believe It…Receive IT!! ✌&💜 Emalani Love and, Appreciate You Beautiful Soul💜🙏
– P

I love you and your reading you are full of wisdom.
– Anjali R.

Thank you for sharing your gifts ❤
– Khane

You are very compassionate and gifted reader. Thanks 🙏
– Susanne S.

Blessings🙏 u are dead onn👼perfection💯

Thank you so much beautiful. I truly enjoy your readings 😇💕✌
– Kay

You my dear are a wealth of information as well as wisdom… thank you for the guidance Emalani! You are so well spoken such a joy to listen to.
I discovered you a few days ago, I listen to quite a few Tarot readers and I just want to say I quite enjoy you, and I appreciate the personal info that you shared. Things like that make a person real, and I feel it makes a difference in the connection to a Tarot reader. I can see you fast becoming my #1 preference for guidance, as I have not resonated this much with any other readers. Thank you for the reading Emalani.
– Wanda F.

Thank you for your time and encouragement. You are appreciated❤❤❤❤
– Sasha

Emalani how did you know that I really need guidance right now… thank you.
– Lee J.

Thank you dear 💖 I agree I have to listen to my intuition and I do I feel so much better. Although i do feel a bit trapped . But I know things going to work out. 💖 Thank you dear
– Floraison



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