I believe that our modern sensibilities can be integrated with timeless, universal wisdom. It is my hope that this book can help present this to you as a very real practical and mystical possibility. My wish for you is for you to touch magic and be led to live it. When this happens, everything will truly be possible for you.”
— Emma Bennett, Author of Written Into Reality: The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life

Emma Bennett is an intuitive author, artist, and creative entrepreneur who creates works that catalyze change, encourage growth, and inspire an enlightened and awakened culture.

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Me being fully me now vs when I tried to cut out certain parts of myself in favor of an image of success I thought I should measure up to ↓

It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago when my mind was twisted up into a 🥨 pretzel trying to figure out how to be conscious and strategic, how to combine smarts with heart, and how to be a spiritual and successful person. These factors are not binaries, they are in fact complementary. When we combine them, we step into the full force of who we truly are and what we are truly capable of. This takes maturity, humility, and the ability to trade in your clunker 🚗 of an old mindset for a constantly renewing one that is open to all that you could never fathom. It is a balance between, yes, being aware of the feeling of desires, but also letting go and trusting your soul and the Universe to join forces to 💫 co-create them into the reality that is your destiny unfolding in each present moment of your life. This is what I write about and teach 🧘🏻‍♀️.

A Book That Changes Lives

Written Into Reality

“You naturally have everything you need within. Your true body is energy. Atoms, molecules, moving particles, and energy make up the intangible aspects of who you are. Your energy field extends further than your physical body. As a being of quantum particles, you are a ripple of energy touching other ripples infinitely. Your power is what draws in all the resources to co-create and manifest. Co-creating means creating by joining forces with your destiny. You have a radiant center. Find it and you will have access to all the personal power you could ever need.”

⁠— Emma Bennett, Written Into Reality: The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life

Praise for Written Into Reality

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This patient gathering of thoughts stands apart in its allusion-heavy prose, linguistic diligence, and artistically-minded approach to personal growth.”

Author Emma Bennett delivers an accessible, gentle, and grounded guide with Written Into Reality: The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life. Delving into the difficulties of self-help struggles, personal alignment with a purpose, the power of poetry, the pain of failure, and countless other nuanced details of existence, this is an anecdotal journey of universal wisdom. There are many books about self-actualization and unlocking one’s full potential, but this patient gathering of thoughts stands apart in its allusion-heavy prose, linguistic diligence, and artistically-minded approach to personal growth. Peppered with inspiring quotes and unexpected rabbit holes for future exploration, Bennett proves herself to have a thoughtful, philosophical, and passionate pen.

John Staughton, Senior Editor, Self-Publishing Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With an exceptional genre and writing style, this book focuses on valuable advice which is all you require to live a happier life is present within you. Emma shares her spiritual experiences and her scintillating prose that helps accomplish a sense of connection between her and the reader. The book literally offers therapy and inspires you to love yourself as you are. You will fall in love with the gentle and engaging tone of the entire book like I did!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

It follows the line of The Secret and how everything you need to have a better life is already inside you. I’m always a bit skeptical but I keep being drawn to these books and can’t help but nod that when we are in a good place, good things keep happening. And the reverse is also true. I also enjoyed how she integrated a bit about mindfulness and meditation. The book is well-written and I really enjoyed it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Emma’s sparkling prose achieves a degree of communication with the reader in a manner few other writers of this genre can claim. Her spirit soars like the ideas she purports. Learning of her own journey to enlightenment adds to the credibility of her recommendations for truly seeking awareness… This is a book to experience and incorporate – one of the strongest resources for living fully. 



Emma Bennett

Emma studied psychology and globalization and formerly worked with digital media publishing for entertainment corporations, including Hulu, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and NBCUniversal.

Following three years of mentorship, coaching, and consolidation of the culmination of her experiences, she launched her first self-published project and from there on established a path of creative entrepreneurship.

She and her partner Sean enjoy books, culture, travel, and the outdoors.


From Author Emma Bennett

My Story

Your whole life should be ahead of you when you graduate university. For me, it was not the case. While working for the university administration, I had a slip on a spill when heading down the stairs and hit my head on every concrete ledge on the way down.

Traumatic brain injury changed my entire life.

For such a long time, I felt more fear than joy. More struggle than ease. More desperation than agency.

Something had to give. Something had to change. And so, I became a student of the Universe. I started to learn how to become free from fear to experience unbridled joy, surrender struggle for ease, and replace desperation with agency. Every time I declared the intention of what it was that I sought to learn, I found that the teacher did appear—in the form of people, books, events, opportunities, and synchronicities, meaningful coincidences that happen in perfect place and timing.

My entire life changed direction. The life I lived then feels like a bad dream I woke up out of. It feels so distant and unreal. Life feels so much more real and true now. I really love life, I love my partner, and I love the opportunity I have to share my book and my message with readers and people I meet. Thank you for your support!

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