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Emma Bennett is an artist, writer, and entrepreneur based in the Pacific Northwest, United States. Emma’s work is channeled from intuitive insights that flow into her artwork, writings, teachings, and public speaking.


Empowerment comes from being in touch with life force energy, also known in Sanskrit as shakti, in Chinese as qi, and in Hawaiian and Maori languages as mana, the Source of personal power within. Disempowerment comes from being out of touch. This is the core principle of Emma’s message.

Philosphy & Ethos

Photo by Sam Kolder on Pexels.com

Emma’s insights are distilled from over fourteen years of mentorship and immersion in Eastern spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, Tibetan meditation, and Taoism, shamanism, and Hawaiian Huna. She has also worked with digital media publishing for Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations.

The First Work

On the recovery journey from traumatic brain injury, Emma gathered and distilled research on energy healing, trauma, and spirituality into her first book, Wayfinder: The Path from Pain to Purpose.

Unpacking the apparent conflict between “sacred” and “logical,” and combining spiritual ideas with science and reason, this book is far from the standard self-help or spiritual manifesto. Bennett’s powerful lived experience as a young adult, and her stunning story of personal growth over the past six years, following a traumatic brain injury, provide her with authenticity and authority as an expert in overcoming hardship.

John Staughton, senior editor, SELF PUBLISHING REVIEW

Super Sense: Sensitivity is a Superpower Course

Sensitivity allows for tuning into the finer details of life, helping to expand awareness. Learning how to open up and live life with unconditional acceptance in each present moment unlocks greater levels of freedom, joy, success, prosperity, and wellbeing. This course, taught by author Emma Bennett, is created for those who are seeking to master their sensory abilities to live life with unfettered abandon.

A self-guided mentorship intensive in six easy to follow courses with plenty of coursework to do!

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Coming Soon from Author Emma Bennett

Emma enjoying a flat white at Little Pom’s in Christchurch, New Zealand

Emma’s latest work is a book on unleashing the energy of your soul and aligning with your intentions to co-create the life of your truest dreams and desires.

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Emma Bennett is a highly sensitive cosmopolitan world-traveling homebody from Hawai’i who gets on with life as it flows and writes from a perspective of deep introspection merging with an intuitive sense of greater connection. Her art and writing are inspired by the sum total of her internal and external experiences and what she has observed of them. Emma formerly worked with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Hulu, and NBCUniversal. She and her partner Sean currently have a U.S. home base in Vancouver, Washington, from where they hit the trails, browse bookstores and markets, support and praise local businesses, eat good foods galore, garden, cozy up at home, and zip in and out of Portland International Airport (PDX) to travel the world.

Emma with spiritual teacher and author, Marianne Williamson