You are a creative force, life force energy in the process of becoming the truest, fullest expression of who you uniquely are.

The key 🗝 to incredible breakthroughs & meaningful transformation is not force but connection to personal power.
Hello! My name is Emma Bennett. I am an author, meditation teacher, and holistic life coach! Are you creating from your genius or pushing from fear? Are you working with your intuition or against it in favor of logical solutions? I hope you can be led by the stirrings of your heart, your joy, and enjoy the journey along the way. Deep down you know thereʼs more, so much more for you. Your yearnings will lead you to look for answers. This is how I was called to teach co-creation, the partnership of Self and Source for guidance and empowerment to create a life of genuine fulfillment. Sign up for my free workbook today to get started.

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Align with & Activate the Love, Wealth, & Power that You Are

Co-creation, law of attraction, and manifestation are not magic, but a combination of neuroscience and metaphysics — specifically, a combination of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain and nervous system to change) and conscious vibrational frequency.

Emma writes books, provides online learning, and offers holistic life coaching services for seekers of higher meaning, purpose, and fulfillment interested to make significant lasting positive changes in their lives.

Emma’s background:

  • A.A. Psychology: Behavioral sciences studies encompassing general, cognitive, neurological, physiological, developmental, intercultural, abnormal, personality, and social psychology
  • B.A. Global Studies: Study of problems of Technological, Cultural, Political, Economic, and Environmental Globalization requiring innovative approaches to understanding of power, exchange, creativity, and social life
  • 15+ years of training in meditation and mindfulness

Emma also works with entrepreneurs and businesses. Email Hello@ManifestVibes.com for more info.

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“Emma weaves magic with her words, her energy and her wisdom. Her encyclopedic knowledge resides at the intersection of brain science, personal development, marketing, spiritual teachings and real life experience from the school of hard knocks. Her intuition-led coaching style gently guides and invites self reflection, empowering each individual to discover their own path and their own unique way of sharing their gifts… I call it ‘Soul alignment on steroids’.” — Tammy

“The best thing about working with Emma is how comfortable she makes you feel. As well as the vast amount of knowledge she has that is so helpful in pointing you in the right direction.” — Joy

“I felt inspired and uplifted. The best thing was Emma’s enthusiasm, acceptance, and encouragement! I would recommend Emma for sure. No doubt she will be behind you a thousand percent.” — Elizabeth

“I’ve found clarity in so many areas of my life. Especially my business and finding a way I can share my message in a way I can fully stand behind. It’s brought me to tears and has let my heart feel safe and open again.” — Dana

The Complex Problem

“A struggle for existence inevitably follows from the high rate at which all organic beings tend to increase. Every being, which during its natural lifetime produces several eggs or seeds, must suffer destruction during some period of its life and during some season or occasional year, otherwise on the principle of geometrical increase, its numbers would quickly become so inordinately great that no country could support the product. Hence, as more individuals are produced than can possibly survive, there must in every case be a struggle for existence, either one individual with another of the same species, or with the individuals of distinct species, or with the physical conditions of life.”

Charles Darwin, On Natural Selection

The Radical Solution

We have the power to transcend our psychobiology by plugging it into our higher consciousness and creativity.

Think of all the ways you could enjoy more time with loved ones, becoming so much more loving and patient because you are so much more trusting and open to life, more prosperous because you are so much more trusting and open to receiving, so much more successful because you are so much more trusting of and open to yourself, your capabilities, your talents and gifts, your personal power! This is our power to change everything:

“We are then, creatures like no others, with extraordinary flexibility of behavior, powers of imagination, and above all, conscious self-awareness. That self-awareness has enabled us, alone among living things, to stand above the imperatives of survival and reproduction and seek to understand how we came to be.”

― Kenneth R. Miller, The Human Instinct: How We Evolved to Have Reason, Consciousness, and Free Will

This is what I am here to help you with.

You Co-Create Yourself and the Life You Love Through Your Intentions

Attune to the energy of your deepest, truest desires and translate this energy into words that you write into reality. Try putting intentional focus and alignment into practice and see the results for yourself.

“Love, love, love! I’ve never felt like a book has picked me until I picked up this book. Right from the start it felt like an old friend looking into my soul and telling me exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been highlighting ideas and concepts that I want to explore even more deeply— making this book feel more like a launch pad into new ideas and concepts to truly know myself better. Thank you so much for writing exactly what I needed.”
— Jocelyn Fitzgerald

Emma Bennett gently heals and empowers through writing, speaking, and coaching. In Emma’s celebrated and praised book, Written into Reality: The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life, she reveals how you can connect to the feelings of your truest, deepest desires, and translate them into written words as statements of intention to literally write them into reality. As a free gift, please enjoy a 20-page workbook generously designed with insights and exercises gathered from the book that will help you clear the way through the noise and interference with mindfulness techniques so you can create clarity around your intentions.

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Discover the Life-Changing Course that Changes the Course of Your Life

Create the Life You Love is a self-paced course on creating positive, powerful changes by stimulating neuroplasticity and implementing gentle, powerfully effective practices of mental, somatic, emotional, and spiritual self-support.

“I feel so seen! You are giving so much, it’s incredible. I don’t know how you are giving this much energy.”
— Sherri

“There are ways that you teach concepts that I feel like I knew about but not in the way that you present them. What you are doing is going to be big.”
— Theresa
My message for you is that there are so many levels and layers to you and your life. Body, heart, mind, and soul, you have got to leverage multiple intelligences that each of these parts of your being have to offer for your highest experiences of abundance and true fulfillment. True success and fulfillment can only happen when you fill up and harmonize the energy of all four of these areas of being.
If it’s money, love, success, or health that you want, the answers come in the form of insights and synchronistic events, events of meaningful coincidence that happen at just the right time in the right timing. Placing focus incorrectly only expends time and energy that would be better leveraged appropriately so that success requires less force and happens with more flow.
I have a course, Create the Life You Love, designed to teach you how to empower yourself and others to show up fully and live the life you really mean to be living.

Here is what you get:

  • Self-paced for flexibility to take the time you need to work through and put everything you learn into practice
  • 8 powerful course mind-and-life-changing modules, including instructional videos
  • Foundational practices of meditation and mindfulness
  • Exercises to synthesize learning through application
  • A powerful method to set intentions and synchronize your naturally creative abilities to facilitate their manifestation
  • Bonus guest instructors

My Teaching & Coaching Methodology: Unlock the Powers of Your Mind, Emotions, Psychic, and Somatic Intelligence

A Book That Changes Lives

Written Into Reality

“You naturally have everything you need within. Your true body is energy. Atoms, molecules, moving particles, and energy make up the intangible aspects of who you are. Your energy field extends further than your physical body. As a being of quantum particles, you are a ripple of energy touching other ripples infinitely. Your power is what draws in all the resources to co-create and manifest. Co-creating means creating by joining forces with your destiny. You have a radiant center. Find it and you will have access to all the personal power you could ever need.”

⁠— Emma Bennett, Written Into Reality: The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life

Praise for Written Into Reality

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This patient gathering of thoughts stands apart in its allusion-heavy prose, linguistic diligence, and artistically-minded approach to personal growth.”

Author Emma Bennett delivers an accessible, gentle, and grounded guide with Written Into Reality: The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life. Delving into the difficulties of self-help struggles, personal alignment with a purpose, the power of poetry, the pain of failure, and countless other nuanced details of existence, this is an anecdotal journey of universal wisdom. There are many books about self-actualization and unlocking one’s full potential, but this patient gathering of thoughts stands apart in its allusion-heavy prose, linguistic diligence, and artistically-minded approach to personal growth. Peppered with inspiring quotes and unexpected rabbit holes for future exploration, Bennett proves herself to have a thoughtful, philosophical, and passionate pen.

John Staughton, Senior Editor, Self-Publishing Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With an exceptional genre and writing style, this book focuses on valuable advice which is all you require to live a happier life is present within you. Emma shares her spiritual experiences and her scintillating prose that helps accomplish a sense of connection between her and the reader. The book literally offers therapy and inspires you to love yourself as you are. You will fall in love with the gentle and engaging tone of the entire book like I did!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

It follows the line of The Secret and how everything you need to have a better life is already inside you. I’m always a bit skeptical but I keep being drawn to these books and can’t help but nod that when we are in a good place, good things keep happening. And the reverse is also true. I also enjoyed how she integrated a bit about mindfulness and meditation. The book is well-written and I really enjoyed it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Emma’s sparkling prose achieves a degree of communication with the reader in a manner few other writers of this genre can claim. Her spirit soars like the ideas she purports. Learning of her own journey to enlightenment adds to the credibility of her recommendations for truly seeking awareness… This is a book to experience and incorporate – one of the strongest resources for living fully. 



How MVP Came to Be

Emma studied psychology and globalization and formerly worked with digital media publishing for entertainment corporations, including Hulu, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and NBCUniversal, where she met Sean.

Following three years of mentorship, coaching, and consolidation of the culmination of her experiences, Emma launched her first self-published project and from there on established a path of creative entrepreneurship.

She and her partner Sean enjoy books, culture, travel, the outdoors, and conscious partnership in life, love, and creativity. With their brains and complementary strengths put together, they co-created and co-founded Manifest Vibes Productions. Sean is the CIO (Chief Idea Officer) who came up with the awesome name of this business and brings his expertise in financial tech and business acumen to make ideas executable. From big tech to big magic, Sean’s brilliant mind does it all with tremendous vision and heart.


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