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“You naturally have everything you need within. Your true body is energy. Atoms, molecules, moving particles, and energy make up the intangible aspects of who you are. Your energy field extends further than your physical body. As a being of quantum particles, you are a ripple of energy touching other ripples infinitely. Your power is what draws in all the resources to co-create and manifest. Co-creating means creating by joining forces with your destiny. You have a radiant center. Find it and you will have access to all the personal power you could ever need.”

⁠— Emma Bennett, Written Into Reality: The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life

Praise for Emma Bennett’s writing:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Bennett is a sensitive, thoughtful, and confident writer, with a clear desire to help others change their lives, or at least their mindset.”

Manifestation, astrology, re-architecting your reality, and changing your energetic course in life are just a few of the complex subjects Emma Bennett explores, and by and large she does a good job of weaving seemingly disparate ideas together into a cohesive whole.

John Staughton, Senior Editor, Self-Publishing Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Mystical journey to self-enlightment.”

Not only is this book an inspiring and deeply absorbing tale of a courageous battle over her life’s adversity, but it is also an illuminating beacon of comfort, knowledge, and inspiration, serving as a reliable mystical compass to allow readers to safely chart the perilous oceans of today’s materialistic society, and to achieve personal purpose and success in life.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Insightful journey”

Exploring mystic teaching, magic, spirituality from both Western and Eastern teachings, the book is fulfilling enough to answer many questions and spark your own shadow journey.
I found the book to be interesting and insightful. Even though I did not think I was holding any pain myself (I bought the book as I was interested in the combination of Western and Eastern teachings), I was surprised to see that there was much within me that I had not yet let go of. Inspiring and deep book.




A creative entrepreneur’s take on living, thriving, and succeeding with chronic conditions and disability.

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Emma Bennett

Emma studied psychology and globalization and formerly worked with digital media publishing for entertainment corporations, including Hulu, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and NBCUniversal.

Following three years of mentorship, coaching, and consolidation of the culmination of her experiences, she launched her first self-published project and from there on established a path of creative entrepreneurship.

She and her partner Sean are foodies that enjoy books, culture, travel, and the outdoors.

The photo here is of Emma in Lyttleton, Ōhinehou, New Zealand.


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